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How to prevent hair loss in summer?

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How to prevent hair loss in summer How to prevent hair loss in summer?

If you want your hair mass resists the summer, you must follow a series of simple actions approved by dermatologists to maintain them.

Although the ball is still in the zero mode and make some men very sexy, it’s not pleasant to watch so impassive to the loss of her hair. Summer is a season, which for various reasons, affects our health, hair that is why there are aids to slow down climate during this time of year.

Period of hair loss

First, you should know that hair loss is between June and November. It is a mutation of the hair for which there is no need to worry or think that baldness is watching you!

Cocktail sea, sun and hair

It is well known, the sea salt and intensive exposure to the sun do not mix with healthy hair! We must therefore take precautions when going on holiday on the beach or use a hat or a cap or hair rinse out of the water.

Moreover, as in summer you sweat more, it must adjust its daily hygiene. Avoid at all costs sunburn on his head. There are sunscreens capillary. Ask at a pharmacy or drugstore.

Oily hair

If you have oily hair, is essential to wash every day. Do not let anyone tell you that washing hair too frequently increases the hair loss because it is a myth! Instead, it is advisable to have own hair all the time.

Cut hair

Still another legend is often heard, cutting hair strengthens or weakens them to let them grow. This has no relation to the strength of hair, these are not tree branches! So choose the cut you like, and leave aside those preconceptions.

Hats and caps

Hats, caps and visors are not recommended. Instead it is a formidable weapon to protect against sunburn on his head. If you wear from May to September when you are outside, there is no problem. However, it is not good to wear from morning to evening because the scalp is not breathing.


As for the choice of shampoo, it is unnecessary to spend hours in the beauty department of your supermarket. The primary function of a shampoo is to wash the hair and it was never anything else.Keep your beauty products (gels, sprays …) that you normally use if you agree in normal times.

Finally, nature is well done!

You only have until the end of the season for that hair loss diminishes. Then good news, hair is like hair, it grows back. However, if you see one month after the end of summer, the hair loss continues, please consult a specialist. Better safe than sorry.

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